Hello, I'm Elizabeth.

This site was designed to help you better understand my passion for education and music. It contains my entire portfolio and is being updated on a regular basis with new text, pictures, video and audio. If you would like to contact me please use the 'Contact Me' button found on the right hand column. Should you wish to explore the entire site you will need to become a member which is a free, fast, and simple process. This precaution was taken to help limit the exposure of sensitive information. Thank you for your interest in me and allowing me to share my passion with you.

My Educational Philosophy

My philosophy of education is to offer a high standard of arts education as well as to develop a strong appreciation of the arts. The arts are an integral part of our lives and a way we can cross boarders and language barriers. It is a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings and desires in unique ways and everyone can be an individual. It is crucial that students develop the confidence to express themselves through the arts and to understand art forms “beyond boarders” as our world gets smaller and we become a global and international community.


Here you will find sample pictures of me teaching. Please click in the upper right hand corner to automate a slide show or use the thumbnail guides to navigate through the pictures.